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Washingtonville Comp Plan Received Eager & Mostly Positive Review During Active Professional & Public Session

Updated: Feb 21

Planner Bonnie Franson and her staff members, along with Village Boards' Members explained the interactive nature of the maps.

A year of committed Village Board and Comprehensive Plan Committee work culminated in the crowd of residents the committee had hoped for during last Thursday's Public Session. Seven stations, replete with very large detailed maps were set around the Village Hall Meeting Room, and public participants were each handed sheets with a variety of stickable dots to show what parts they liked, and those less favorable. They further had a chance to list the things they love about the Village of Washingtonville, the things they are concerned about, and what they want for its future. The meeting was attended by Town Board Members, Comprehensive Plan Committee Members, Planning, Zoning, Architectural Review, the Town's Conservation Advisory Committee and the professional team from Nelson, Pope & Voorhees under the supervision of Planner Bonnie Franson, who guides both the Village of Washingtonville and Town of Blooming Grove in these matters.

Mayor Tom Devinko and Trustee Donna Jacaruso chatting with attendees

A significant portion of concern has been given to the future of what is being called the "Southern Gateway", that is the View of Woodcock Mountain and its associated Open Space which is likely headed for "Mixed Use" zoning that would include protection of open space, but also a layout including some housing (as seen in the map below), with requests for NO large buildings, but YES some low profile Senior Housing at the North end, pathways to the new Schunneunk Rail Trail, a row of Small Shops, a Center for Arts & Activities, a Community Garden, Walking/Biking Trail, Pickleball Court, Entertaiment/Festival Space with a Pavilion, and a Parking Area.

The Village's "Southern Gateway" at the Route 208 entrance with public tags describing how they would like to see parts of it developed.

There were maps and maps of maps, and stickers to choose which kind of style housing and business the residents prefer. A frequent comment was "No big buildings and multiple housing units should be limited to 2 stories.

Existing Zones

Wetlands detailed in dark support the Planer's point that the Village is close to "build-out" in terms of acreage suitable for new development.

Aerial Basemap of Village border and surrounding areas

The event was the culmination of an incredible amount of work by both officials and residents, who also attended and contributed to many of the meetings. But only half of the hard work is done. Next will come all of the zoning and code regulations for its implementation.

When all was said an done it was time for a little fun. Members at the earlier planing meeting had suggested that everyone in Washingtonville loves raffles, and perhaps adding one at the end of the evening woould be a pleasant break from work and tension, and might encourage more participation. It was.indeed suspenseful and fun, and there were smiles and laughter all around, while raffle winners names and prizes were announced.

Prizes in the raffle included a Chinese Dinner at Kam Fung Restaurant for Ryne Kitzrow, a Cosmetics/Soap Basketmade by Maureen Devinko won by Nancy Comerford, Martha Woods Acevedo won a large Pizza Pie at Brother Bruno's, Mike Annacone won an ArmorAll gift Certificate at Napa Auto, a Gift Card for Guilty Pleasures was won by Angel Garcia, and a Pedicure was won by Bill O'Meara (followed by a lot of laughter and people assuring he would be giving the pedicure gift to his wife).

Refreshments - fruit juices, Pepsi, coffee

and a platter full of snacks were provided by Guilty Pleasures

Photos by Edie Johnson and Patrice Gessner

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