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Volunteers Plant Saplings at Hudson Highlands

Cornwall - After summery temperatures set nearby records a day earlier, volunteers went to work Sunday in much colder air to plant saplings at the Outdoor Discovery Center at the Hudson Highlands Nature Museum.

About 50 members of a young adult group, Save the Earth from A-Z – We Are One, with local officials, used shovels to plant about 100 new trees, evergreens and red maples, in a Town of Cornwall marshy area as a cold rain started to fall on parts of southern Orange County.

Volunteer Brynn Reynolds Seymour said planting trees has a great impact on Earth and on humans.

“We have an initiative going on called Mother’s Forest, where are trying to combat effects of deforestation and increase the oxygen production and reduce carbon dioxide, which is what trees do,” She said.

Reynolds Seymour said because many trees are being cut down in the world, planting new ones is very beneficial for not only human’s life and well-being, but also for the planet.

She said planet Earth “is not doing too well with everything that is going on, global warming and everything,” so it is important to plant new trees.

Source: Mid-Hudson News

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