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Village of Washingtonville's A-Plus Sunoco Has Gone a Little "Country"

You might not have noticed it yet, and even if you did you probably didn't know all the steps it took for A-Plus Sunoco on Main Street to have a much more attractive "Country Look". Trustee Donna Jacaruso has been working on the code for signage in the Village for many months and came up with a new color palette. At first she was concerned that it might be a very steep expectation for Sunoco Corporate to go along with her color scheme. But lo and behold, they liked it. Gone is the glaring "Cobalt Blue". It's now replaced with a more Williamsburg /Wedgewood tone. And they even added a splash of a wood look in the center. There were many iterations before the total new design for the site was approved. Not only did the sign over the front door become more of a Country look, the pumps have become simplified and the big overhang was painted a softer tone of white. The sign where you pull in from Main Street is has been toned down and more professional looking as well.

So, the next time you run into one of the many "Big Businesses" that don't seem to listen to regular village folks, remember that not all big business is like that. And for all of the extra work it caused the nice staff who work there, no doubt they will appreciate if residents of the Village tell them "Hey, the new store look is great!"

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