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Village of Washingtonville - Good News on Both Finances and Pickleball

Mayor Tom Devinko announced on Monday , 10/16, that the Deficit Loan the Village was seeking has been both approved and delivered. Turning to the Treasurer for a more full report, she added that immediateley after receiving the loan the bulk of the $4.4M loan, $4M was transferred to a 5.28% interest-bearing state backed investment, New York Class, It has already earned $2,314 (all of which goes to offset any potential tax increased from the balance and is expected to continue doing so each month of the coming year.) This allows he Village to be in compliance with the Treasurer at the NY Comptroller's Office who is overseeing the filings of preiously unsubmitted reports by the preious administration. At the previous board meeting Devinko also emphasized that as budget time comes near their focus will to include ways to cut spending, and they are open to suggestions from the public. Walking into a deficit Devinko said their priority is to "Make the Village whole", and from there continue an administration of fiscal responsibility.

In other news - Pickleball enthusiasts will be glad to hear that despite the on-and -off rain of the past few weeks, the court has been paved. Lines have been drawn, but the Mayor said that the actual paiinting with colors will probably have to wait until Spring since the acrylic paint is sensitive to temperature. They also have electricians looking at the lighting to determine whether it will be acceptable or will require an upgrade.



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