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Good Evening,

Many have expressed their concern about safety for Friday's Unity Shabbat Dinner for Israel. The Monroe Police Department will be on site at Chabad for the duration of the entire event.

Terrorists want us to be afraid. Of course, we must make safety a priority. But we need our bravery to be stronger than our fear. During this really difficult time for all of us, we recognize the importance of being together. The enemy is calling to gather in hate, we are calling to get together with love. We invite you to come share a Unity Shabbat Dinner for Israel this Friday, October 13th. Starting 5:30pm, prior to the start of Shabbat, men will have the chance to put on Tefilin for Israel. Women and girls will light Shabbat Candles for Israel. We will then sing Shabbat prayers, uplift one another, and enjoy an Israeli-themed Shabbat dinner in unity.

There is no official cost for the dinner, but reservations are required. Donations are welcome and sponsorships are appreciated.

With heartfelt prayer for Israel and for better news to come,

Rabbi Pesach & Chana Burston

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