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Steve Neuhaus Awards Citizen of the Month to Brianna Blumenberg, founder of "Charitable Bracelets"

The County Executive met with Brianna Blumenbert to give her the November Orange County Citizen of the Month Award. Neuhaus said "I am proud to recognize Brianna Blumenberg, a sixth grader at Minisink Valley Central School District Middle School, as November’s Citizen of the Month Award recipient.

Brianna was nominated for organizing a fundraiser to help children attend summer camp at the YMCA of Middletown. “Bri’s Charitable Bracelets” has raised approximately $1,800 since Blumenberg began crafting Pandora-style bracelets and selling them for $10 each in March. Brianna is an extraordinary young woman and cares deeply about the community. She has a big heart and what she has accomplished with “Bri’s Charitable Bracelets” is incredible.

We are all proud of her and know that she has a bright future ahead of her"

Brianna receives Citizen of the Month Award

Collection of jewelry for the bracelets.

Brianna gives Steve Neuhaus one of her very special bracelets.

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