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Skoufis & Bedetti Greet "Medicare Is Better Than Ever Bus" to Inform Seniors About New Benefits

Medicare Representative Nate Jackson came to New Windsor on Monday afternoon to meet with Senator James Skoufis, and New Windsor Deputy Supervisor (and candidate for Town Supervisor), Steve Bedetti, to emphasize how the National Infrastructure Inflation Reduction Act will be saving seniors with limited incomes on their medical expenses such as: Prescriptions, Vaccines like Flu, Covid and Shingles, and by negotiations currently being held with Pharmaceutical Companies resulting in lower drug costs, plus a cap on both Insulin and a yearly Prescription Cap of $3,000 plus a regulation that they cannot raise any drug price higher than the current rate of inflation. This, Skoufis said, will save many seniors about $400 a year. This is the time of year, Open Enrollment happens, when Seniors have a chance to re-evaluate which benefits they might adjust, so it is important for them to look into it and seek advice about which benefit changes could help them the most.

The bus, with the new benefits listed right on its side, is titled "Medicare is Better Than Ever", for the group "Protect Our Care" and it has traveled 7,000 miles including 10 states in 3 weeks, Coast to Coast, on this mission to make sure that all those who can benefit from these savings know about them.

Senator Skoufis emphasized that most seniors in this area are on limited income. In fact there is a disproportionate number of Senior Citizens in Orange County because many of them had a plan to come here and age. Many are struggling with taxes and even food. He said some even divide their medicines to make them last, and so these better benefits will offer them a lifeline. For example, New York has 75,000 currently on Insulin, which will now be capped at $35/month. There are 3 million who go out and get vaccines. And 650,000 are currently taking at least one of the 10 medications currently being negotiated down to lower cost, so it's very important that Seniors know how they can benefit.

Speaking just outside New Windsor's Marasco Senior Center, Deputy Supervisor Steve Bedetti spoke about how important their Town's seniors are to them, and added that during this political season while officials are out knocking on doors, it's a great opportunity to inform them of these things that can benefit them. He added that his Mom, a senior, loves to look through new things that might help ends meet.

During my interview with him, I asked Senator Skoufis "What about those who have very little to no money. They can't benefit from getting a better Medicare Plan, because it may cost less, but most will still costs money." Skoufis responded that there is plenty more work to do; for example, to even allow dental coverage. But it's a start and has finally put a lid on costs, and over the past century has helped hundreds of millions of people. At least now we have Parts A, B, C and D which would otherwise pose astronomical costs for seniors. But certainly the program has to expand and to do more.

We are fortunate here right in lBlooming Grove and Washingtonville to have just the right people to help with all of your Medicare needs. More will be coming about the changes coming to Medicare Programs!

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