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Road to Witchingtonville Showed 2 Awesome Scary Movies, Wowza Costumes & Plenty of Popcorn

These two winning participants (plus Phantom the Pup) went all out for their period costumes and really added atmosphere for the event!

On one of the first chilly event nights, there was lots of interest in the last of the Friday Fun Nights for this season, tho an event at the High School pulled some wanna be participants away. But the movies and popcorn were a big hit, and

two of the attendees had especially fun costumes. Les Mis made an appearance with a convincing and very pretty 1800's dress while her pup partner showed his devotion to her and friendliness to passers by with wags and kisses. Meanwhile

a really frightening ghoul of small stature (someone said his name was Aiden and that he was really a child) had a convincingly terrorizing face.

All enjoyed the big screen Disney antics while Patrick Maiorino and the rest of the hard-working Event Crew supplied popcorn and offered Witchingtonville Hoodies that looked stylish and very warm.

A tremendous amount of work has turned this simple canopy into a warm gathering place.

Popcorn anyone?

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