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This past Sunday Museum Village put on what had to be a near perfect

version ofn an early 1800's tiny hamlet seasonal gathering. It fits so nicely into this collection of early colonial settlement shops and skills, and the tour de grace was a huge table in front of what looked to the crowd's favorite "Barbecue Heaven". Casserole dishes cooked while the grills kicked up enough yummy smelling meats that the scent wafted through the entire village in swirling smoke drifts

The entrance and exit are smartly channeled through a sweet Gift Shop that mixed historic items with giftables and set the flavor ffor the whole festival.

Coming out on the other side, the center of what felt like a 3-acre park , but is surrounded by the shops that would have existed, possibly right there, 200 or more years ago. A Candle Store, Livery, Schoolhouse, Printer, Broom Maker, weave shop, farm ools, Firehouse, and historic museum with both real and replica artifacts.

Did we forget the highlight of the day for animals? A pair of Alpacas that were the cutest animals many had ever seen. The whitish one had such an incredibly expressive face. But with all the fluffy fur, it was a challenge to even see the face of her buddy. Tall slender and agile they are often confused with llamas and are used frequently as guard animals for herds. But you'd better have a high fence because these guys can JUMP..about 5 feet. Shalimar Alpacas sells goods made from their soft coats.

If that's not enough, it woud be really hard not to notice that there is a popular Playhouse that holds events throughout the year. The Festival really wets your appetite to come back for its events. A nominal fee of $15 per person helps pay for the many volunteer hands and goods that make it happen.

Of course the main event, besides the BBQ, is the packed central area with

dozens of creative (and often time-sensitive foods and crafts (Did someone say they had MEAD?). From delicately knitted blankets and clothing to Alice in Wonderland on a stained glass swing, lucious chocolate combos almost too pretty to eat, Soy Bello Candles, , wines, Birdie's Batch of Baked Goods,, and on and on..... with the visitors trudging through newly fallen leaves on the perfect Autumn afternoon.

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