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Orange County Starts "Partners Against DUI" Program for Teens and Parents

County Exec Steve Neuhaus met with other officials (County Clerk Kelly Eskew, Sheriff Paul Arteta, Commissioner of Emergency Services Pete Cirigliano, Deputy Commissioner & Police Liaison Chief Robert Doss , Deputy Sheriff Ken Jones, the Youth Bureau and like officials from Putnum to announce a new program to reign in the number of teens and adults as well that are injured and killed in accidents every year. A combinatio of slick roads, drinking, texting, skipping seat belts and driving while impaired with drugs has resulted in increasing deaths during horrific accidents over the past 12 months.

This programs comes with a booklet for parents to read and share with soon-to-become teens who are especially vulnerable, teens who don't understand the repurcussions of taking dangerous chances, or are in a vehicle with friends who also don't fully understand.

CE Neuhaus, Chief Arteta, Chief Doss and almost everyone who attended and spoke shared how concerned they are about their children, most of which are coming of the age to drive.

There is a booklet describing what can help the partnership between parent and child practice and model safe behavior to each other. You will likely see the booklets in town and village halls, or can call the County Executive or Sheriff's office to find out where you can get a copy. Just a few of the tips are:

Parent - Make sure my child has a safe car.

               Make sure someone safe can pick them up and bring them home

                        if they need a ride

     Model safe driving practices like wearing a seatbelt and no phone use.

Child: Always wear a seat belt

Reduce speed for inclement driving

Everyone wears a seat belt when in the car

Never drive or be in a car with someone under the influence of alcohol

or drugs or texting while driving

What might be enticing to the child for this partnership (other than safety).

Well, for one thing the parent must promise a decent, safe & reliable car.

Emergency Services Commissioner Peter Cirigliano

Deputy Sheriff (left), Ken Jones

Orange County Officials to the right, Putnam counterparts to the left.

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