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Newburgh Gang Diversion Program Morphs into Youth Enrichment Center

Center for Hope

Newburgh – Merakey’s Center for Hope in Newburgh did not skip a beat when fire damaged their facilities at Broadway and City Terrace in June. It continued to offer programs.

It has now relocated in the 280 Broadway building where it continues to offer activities for City of Newburgh kids from 11 to 21, said Marie Gulari, Merakey’s regional director.

The program originally began as a gang diversion effort, but has grown into one for enrichment of young people. “We have a dance studio. We have a carpentry studio where they get to make things and refurbish furniture. We have a soap room,” she said. That soap is made from goat’s milk and is sold by the students.

The organization, which is funded by the Orange County Department of Social Services, also takes the youngsters on field trips, manages a vegetable garden, and conducts after-school mentoring.

Source: Mid-Hudson News

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