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Newburgh City Hall Will Reopen On Monday, With Phased Restoration of Services After Network Security Incident

Acting City Manager Mike Neppl said today (Friday) that after a week's closure due to a serious cyberattack, City offices will be back in operation on Monday. He said, "The average downtime for the kind of network security incident is 22 to 28 days. The City's Executive Team displayed incredible leadership and tenacity by working around the clock to bring most City services back online in less than a week. There is more work to do, and we will not rest until our residents have their services fully restored."


Last Monday, June 10th, the City of Newburgh identified a network security incident. This incident led to a temporary disruption of some City services and

administrative functions, including the ability to process or accept payments for property taxes, water, sewer, sanitation, permit fees, and parking tickets. City leadership immediately engaged outside IT experts and other professionals who continue to work around the clock towards full

restoration of operations.

It is important to note that for the duration of this network security incident, the operations of our Police, Fire, Water, Sewer, Sanitation, Engineering and Recreation Departments have continued with only minor disruptions.

911 services remained fully functional.

Beginning Monday, June 17 th the City of Newburgh will reopen City Hall and 123 Grand Street for point-of-contact business operations. City phone and email services will be restored beginning Monday at 9:00am. The City’s systems to process and accept payments will be phased in over the next seven-to-ten days, and a grace period for late property tax, water, sewer, and

sanitation payments during this downtime to the City’s payment systems will be established.

The City will continue to provide updates through the City's website and official social media pages.

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