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New Law Requires Sports and Camps to Have AED Plan

Governor Kathy Hochul has enacted a new measure that requires camps and youth sports programs to establish automated external defibrillator, or AED, implementation plans and to have at least one person trained to properly use the AED at camps, games, and practice.

The new law comes following an injury to Buffalo Bills Safety Damar Hamlin in Ohio last football season that nearly claimed his life. His survival is credited to the prompt use of an AED.

“We all remember the terrifying moment when Damar Hamlin was injured last January, but young athletes at schools and camps could be exposed to similar risks,” said Governor Hochul. “By requiring camps and youth sports programs to establish an AED implementation plan, kids will be safer and teams will be prepared. I want every parent in New York to know: we’re doing everything we can to keep your kids safe.”

Buffalo Bills Safety Damar Hamlin said, “Growing up, in all the years that I played football, I don’t remember thinking about where an AED was located or who was trained to use one. I think that many people have had the same experience. My journey has shown us that no one expects cardiac arrest to happen – and we all need to be prepared. By requiring that at least one person is trained to properly use an AED at every sports event, camp and practice, this new law will help protect tens of thousands of kids in New York State – and is a really important step in saving lives.”

The bill was sponsored by Westchester State Senator Shelley Mayer, who was glad to hear the governor signed her bill into law.

“I am pleased that New York State will now require camps and many youth sport programs and leagues to develop a plan for AED access at all of their practices, games, and other events. More than 7,000 children experience cardiac emergencies each year, and too often an AED is not available.”

Source: Mid Hudson News

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