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Grand Opening of Tractor Supply Expansion in Chester Postponed, But Winter &Holiday Supplies Are In!

Chester - There was a big Grand Opening planned for the Town of Chester's Tractor Supply Expansion this past Saturday and Sunday at the Chester ShopRite Mall. When finished it will be the largest Tractor Supply Store in the United States. But there was a 'little' glich in the communications chain between the contractors doing the work and the Company's Headquarters. Some delays in construction will postpone the completion and Grand Opening for about another month. But anyone who heard the radio broadcasts of the event and stopped by was not too disappaointed since the Chester store has been getting fully stocked, and it's chock full of holiday goods, winter wear and hunting gear.

Instead of a "Jack in the Box, it's a "Quack in the Box"

Reindeer ="Won't you drive my sleigh tonight?"

Some say "There's no bad weather, just wrong clothing. And this is absolutely the right clothing for a cold New York Winter.

The winter work jackets are awesome, and the scented candle and warmer selection of Fall to Winter scents will put you in the mood (as much as possible) for the first little snow that the weathermen say we might be getting tomorrow.

Just plug it in and smile.

A Scottish Highlander Cow.... so fluffy!

Wait! No PONY? Oh, there

he is... on his way!

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