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Grand Jury Indicts Washingtonville Man for Manslaughter in Fentanyl Death

Village of Washingtonville - An Orange County grand jury has indicted a 36-year-old Washingtonville man on charges that he sold fentanyl to a man causing his death.

District Attorney David Hoovler said Timothy Lempicki has been charged with manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide and criminal sale of a controlled substance.

“The New York State statutes are woefully inadequate for this type of crime, and most of the time, the most appropriate charge we are able to charge is the highest charge, criminal sale of a controlled substance, even though the individual sold the drugs that caused the death,” he said. “Here we were able to charge manslaughter in addition to the criminal sale of a controlled substance because the facts and circumstances indicated that the individual that sold the drugs knew that particular drug was dangerous at the time.”

Source: Mid-Hudson News

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