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“For the Many” says landlords’ claim of inaccurate Newburgh housing vacancy doesn’t hold any water

Newburgh City Hall

NEWBURGH – The organization “For the Many” says a landlords’ group that claims the City of Newburgh has flawed housing vacancy data is incorrect.

For the city to declare a housing emergency and enact rent stabilization, its housing vacancy rate must fall under five percent. An in-house study says it has a 4.3 percent vacancy rate.

But Hudson Valley Property Owners Association Executive Director Rich Lanzarone said the city’s study is flawed and actually has a vacancy rate of 6.35 percent.

For the Many Executive Director Jonathan Bix, meanwhile, said on Wednesday that there is “no basis” for the landlords’ study.

“The city went through the process, did a neutral study,” he said. “Anybody can do their own, sort of, non-systematic study instead that proves something,” he said. “As we have seen in other cities, landlords are just opposed to rent stabilization – most of them – so we don’t have any credence to a landlord study and neither does anybody else.”

The city council will now weigh its options decide if it wants to go forward with the issue.

Source:Mid-Hudson News

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