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Dorey Houle, Lawmakers, Law Enforcement and Officials - Outraged That Bail Reform Made Them Set A Bomb-Maker Free

Village of Chester -The "T" word (Terrorist) has not yet been used in this investigation, but in any situation like this it needs to be considered. When arriving at a Village Apartment on an Order of Protection call against 37-year-old Aleksey Titov last Friday, Village of Chester Police not only found  3 IED incendiary devices, but also enough  additional weaponry and ammunition to set off all kinds of alarms. They handled the situation masterfully, temporarily backing out and sent a call to the Rockland County Bomb Squad. Thanks to the quick thinking of Village of Chester Chief McGuire, the Village Police Department, and the assistance they received by multiple aid from both Orange and Rockland Counties, given a combative arrestee and a pile full of dangerous weapons, a serious tragedy was likely averted The heroism, they all showed made a huge difference in the outcome, especially given the damage that could have been done to that apartment building, surrounding buildings and residents, in addition to the risks to their own lives bringing him into custody.  Imagine their shock when they realized that after the arrest they would have to let this dangerous and combative criminal back on the streets.  Fortunately the original call from Rockland County allowed him to be charged later with felonies for both the IEDs, a loaded gun, four loaded magazines, a ballistic vest and psychedelic mushrooms. Rockland's Bomb Disposal Unit deactivated the devices and no one was harmed, this time. But area lawmakers and officials say they are sick of the excuses and that the current "bail reform" has to be either scrapped, or redone in a more realistic way.  Houle was open in her attack against Senator James Skoufis (who she is running against for a Senate seat), putting the blame on him for it being passed in the first place, and nothing being done during the years since to correct the bill's loopholes, including leniency about explosive devices and other issues resulting in dangerous perpetrators being set free.

Orange County Sheriff Paul Arteta said he had gone up to Albany with DA Hoovler just before the bill was passed, and the 2 had warned of the dangers of these reforms. Arteta said, "I don't disagree with all of the reforms that were made. But the ones that keep people safe are the ones that we're arguing for.."  They didn't even let law enforcement participate in the  conversations . This gentleman got to walk the streets with several heavy charges on him. He could have taken out several people within close proximity." Sheriff Arteta implored our representatives in Albany to make some changes, " We're here to get Albany to  fix the reforms so that we can protect  our communities. " 

Senate candidate Dorey Houle and others asked why on earth a judge shouldn't have a say in whether someone who has performed criminal acts is too dangerous be free.  "Some people need to be behind bars. In 2022 there were promises made.  Our elected officials have failed to do so.  Twelve times our State Senator, James Skoufis has voted against bail reform." Houle (who is running against Skoufis for the second time) said  "Unfortunately our Senator James Skoufis does not  feel the same as we do.  He has been silent about the horrific events that happened last week with Aleksey Titov. He was let go because his crime was not "Bail Eligible". Houle continued, "We hear these stories time and time again   James Skoufis' actions show that he is placing his loyalties to the far left." We need to send him home."

State Assemblyman Brian Maher, who represents both the Village of Chester and the surrounding communities of the Town of Chester,  Town of Blooming Grove and the Town of Monroe,  said "As the father of  3 small children I am absolutely mortified that this just happened."    Maher said "What's worse is that this  just keeps happening over and over again.. Enough is enough.   We need changes NOW, and if they are not made then we need to remember in November.  Too often our elected officials don't have the ability to say "We were wrong. We went too far."

Senator Rob Rolison made the additional point that  "Judges should have the ability to take the time at the very least to consider the dangerousness  of the individual, unless we find otherwise.  Bail reform was a good thing, it just went too far. " He added that as far as danger is concerned, " Who knows what other dangerous devices this man may have hidden elsewhere?"

Several attendees emphasized that this is an issue that needs bipartisan attention and resolution.

Present at the meeting wasr Orange County Sheriff Paul Arteto, State Senate Dorey Houle 42nd District,,     State Senator Bill Weber 38th District,   State Senator Rob Rolison 39th District, Assemblyman Brian Maher 101st District, Timothy McGuire, Chief of Police, Village of Chester Mayor Christopher Battiato, Deputy Mayor Elizabeth Reilly and Trustees Alan Battiato, Brian Boone and Anthony Laspina, Conrwall-on-Hudson Mayor James Gagliano, Monroe Town Supervisor Anthony Cardone, and Town of Blooming Grove Supervisor Rob Jeroloman, 


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