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County IT Commissioner Selected

Controversy over the Selection Process for a permanent Information Technology Commissioner may be nearing an end. After yesterday's Legislative Special Committee, looking into whether ethics or laws were broken during the search, conducted its second session, the County announcerd that Glen Marchi, Ph.D. has been selected to fill the position. Marchi has been commissioner for information services for Dutchess County government since 2016. The controversy here had been about whether requirred RFP bidding procedure was bypassed when it was learned that the chosen company to look for the right person to fit the position happened to be a company headed by Human Resources Commissioner, Langdon Chapman's brother-in-law, the firm receiving over $800,000 for their work, and still not coming up with a choice. Chapman has denied being involved in the selection. The question will now be whetherl the legislature still want to spend time and money reviewing the process witht the final choice having been made.

March's prior experience includes work as a programmer, system analyst, certified project management professional, manager and/or director-level positions at Mercy College, Diageo, and IBM Corporation. He lists his subject matter expertise as including cybersecurity and data analysis. Orange County Executive . Steven Neuhaus appointed Marchi subject to confirmation by the full county legislature.

Portions sourced from Mid-Hudson News

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