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Commander Michael W Relsen, Speech at Washingtonville Veterans Park on Veterans Day 2023

Commander Michael W. Relsen, United States Army,

on Veterans Day 2023 at Village of Washingtonville Veterans Park

Washingtonville - There were many events in Orange County this week, celebrating and honoring our many veterans. From one end of the County to the other there were flags and gatherings, and visits to elderly and not so elderly veterans and their families. If you, as I unfortunately was not able to attend the gathering in the Village of Washingtonville, here is the speech given by Commander Michael Relson, Post 8691. Thankfully we were able to get a photo and original copy of the speech text from Councilwoman Elect, Johanna Kiernan.

Well said, Commander,, "You don't have to join the Army, or Navy, or any other organization to actively defend our way of life. We can protect freedom, simply by maintaining it here in America" voting and speaking out against injusti es.

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