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Chester Supervisor Responds to Allegations From Opposition

After a call by two Chester town councilmen for Supervisor Robert Valentine to be investigated by the district attorney, Valentine called their demand an “ill-conceived publicity stunt by a councilman who lost a primary election to me and my competitor for town board from the opposing party.”

Councilman Robert Courtenay, a Republican, and Brandon Holdridge, a Democrat, claimed Valentine’s family business was benefiting from his position in town government.

“The accusations are baseless and false, and I welcome any investigation,” Valentine said Thursday. “This dirty and low political stunt is the result of desperation by two individuals who lack knowledge and experience of any kind.”

He said his record “stands for itself proven fiscal responsibility proven quality of life proven safety and the experience to continue to provide the same.”

Courtenay challenged and lost to Valentine in a GOP primary for town supervisor and Holdridge is running on the Democratic line for supervisor in the November election.

Source: Mid Hudson News

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