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Blooming Grove Police Department Makes Plans for Addition of K9 Unit

Example of F-150 Police Responder Unit - not the actual one being purchased (which will have the aditiion of K9 Unit signage.)

The Blooming Grove Town Board took some time during it's Tuesday, December 12 Board Meeting to discuss a range of options they were given for interior design and comfortable space with a safety protection lined kennel in preparation for a K9 addition to their department. The vehicle will also have numerous new protection advantages for the police department members as well, including that prisoner space will be adjacent to the K9.

A K9 unit ads some very important safety features during what could otherwise be dangerous pursuits (both for the officer and the criminal being pursued), including; speed during a chase, the ability to smell drugs and explosives, and purhaps most importantly the ability (unlike tasers and bullets) to recall the dog if the individual being chased becomes compliant. It also allows safety for the handler while the K9 holds the criminal after pursui.

During the Town Board Meeting a discussion ensued about what kind of wording the vehicle should have and how visible the printing should be to the public. All board members agreed that the truck should have clear lettering that announces it as a Police K9 unit. That way if someone happens to walk by in a parking lot or on the street and the K9 shows aggression, the person has been forewarned.

The discussion was in response to a letter from Chief of Police, Kevin Wakeham in regard to their purchase of an F-150 Police Responder 1 to become the Police Department’s K-9 Vehicle. The Board was presented with several different interior designs and  with associated proposed equipment for safety of the dog and to assure easy and safe access and exit.

Purchase of the truck is within the Police Department's existing budget. The particular K9 that will fill the post has not yet been chosen.

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