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Another Link to Schunnemunk Trail Will Expand Trail Connectivity to the North, West and South, Including Highland & Appalachian Trails

Another Off-road Trail Link will be added by the Open Space Institute to Schunemunk-- Blackrock & Woodbury South to NJ-adding to New West Link (Salisbury Mills-Blooming Grove & Chester to the Heritage Trail). This will all then connect to the Highlands Trail extending the entire trail system far and wide.

THe Open Space Institute has acquired property in the Town of Woodbury that will create an off-road trail connection for the Highlands Trail, which extends almost 180 miles through New York and New Jersey.

The property safeguards sources of clean water in Orange County.

The “Northern Ventures” property consists of three parcels totaling 169 acres.

They are expected to be transferred to the state as an addition to Schunnemunk State Park.

OSI purchased the Northern Ventures property for $850,000.

Source: Mid-Hudson News



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