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40 Firefighters Tackle Blaze & Rescue 1 on Main Street in Village of Chester

Photo by Mark Lieb, Rockland Video Productions

By Edie Johnson

By mid-morning on Friday, if you drove to the end of Main Street (Route 94) in the Village of Chester, you might not even notice anything awry. A closer look shows blackened interiors and a big blue tarp on the rooftop where 3 local business with an apartment above are joined. From the back of the building you can clearly see where flames shot up through the sides of two buildings and blew a hole through the roof. Sirens filled the afternoon on Thursday for miles around as 40 firefighters from 4 area fire departments fought the blaze down and rescued one person over the span of 4 hours.

While the exterior of the buildings show little damage, one of the shopkeepers turned her head and looked into a blackened interior and said "It's worse than it looks". She said there were no injuries.

Source: Portions from Mid-Hudson News

Flames shot up through the alleyway to the roof, endangering the life of a resident in the upstairs apartment.

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