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Washingtonville Welcomes 2 New Police Officers, Oaths of Office, Appointments

Updated: Apr 9

It's always a big deal when our local law enforcement units welcome new officers, and with not a single parking spot to be had at Village Hall last Monday, evening it was not an exception. The meeting room was also full as friends and family watched Michael Levy Jr. & Brian Williams being sworn in by Town Clerk, Christine Shenkman while relatives and loved ones beamed with pride. Washingtonville Police Chief Brian Zaccaro looked like something else was cooking, and sure enough the rest of the village officers came in to join the group congrats with handshakes and hugs and a full Police Department photo.

Village of Washingtonville Police Department

Washingtonville Polier Officer Mark Levy

Washingtonville Police Officer Brian Williams

Officers Michael Levy Jr. and Brian Williams being sworn in

New Officers'Levy and Williams families celebrate and commemorate with family photos.

This was also the Village's Reorganization Meeting, so there were several other officials sworn in and a lengthy list of appoinments and liaisons.

Trustees Steve Presser and Vernon Coleman were administered their Oaths of Office after clear wins as they won recent re-election handily for second terms.

Trustee Steve Presser taking the Oath of Office

Trustee Vernon Coleman taking the Oath of Office

Next, Patricia MacBain was sworn in as a representative on the Architectural Review Board.

Patricia MacBain taking the Oath of office for Architectural Review

There was a lengthy list of appointments for Mayor Devinko to make as well. As promised, the top spot of Deputy Mayor was rotated. Devinko announced when they were first elected that he planned to rotate the Deputy position so that each trustee would have the experience and knowledge to do it, and see up-close what is involved in the Mayor's job as well, just in case they would fill in or take the position sometime in the future. This time it is Donna Jacaruso who is now Deputy Mayor for the term. She was clearly thrilled as she posted online, "So, this just happened...Deputy Mayor? Me?! Never, in my wildest dreams... but I could not feel more honored or be any prouder of this title! Jacaruso has worked very hard organizing the Village Comprehensive Plan work as well as Social Media, Technology and Website Design.

There was a lengthy list of other appointments as well for positions including: Steven Tolli as Chairman of the Architectural Review Board and about 30 Liaison positions including Deputy Mayor Jacaruso as Liaison to the Blooming Grove Town Board. Susan Cohen-Walski will continue being Liaison for Water and Sewer and 7 other departments and services. Mayor Tom Devinko made special mention to thank her for her diligent work as Deputy Mayor during the entire first term. There were over 30 other appointments, and board approvals including Tustee Coleman overseeing Grants, Trustee Presser for Parks and Recreation, Village Clerk Christine Shenkman as Registrar of Vital Statistics, Freedom of Information Officer and Tax Collector, Chris Martino as Superintendent of Department of Public Works, Brian Zaccaro as Police Chief, Christopher Finnegan for Water and Sewer H20, John Terry as Building and Code Enforcement Officer, Leslie Tillotson as Treasurer, Patricia Nunes as Deputy Registrar, and Court Clerk and Jeanne Versweyveld as VIllage Historian.. Feerick, Nugent, MaCartney PLLC will continue as Village Attorneys, James Farr as Village Engineer, PKF O'Connor Davies, LLP as Auditor, Times Herald Record as Official Newspaper, and T.D. Bank, NYCLASS and Green County Bank as Official Depositories.

Several important events are coming up, so stay tuned for Part II of the Village Board May 1 Meeting.

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