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Washingtonville Takes First Steps of Village Center Makeover

Wow, look at the snazzy surprise Village of Washingtonville small businesses got as a first step in a downtown makeover project that is finally moving forward.. The paving between McLaughlin Square and the adjacent shops (including Andy's Barbershop, Sun Hing Oriental Restaurant, Guilty Pleasures Cheesecakes, & Creative Desserts, & Retro Toys, F&J's Pizza and Trophies & More) now have attractive stampcrete along their entrances with an old-fashioned design. The pavement needed to be redone there anyway, and with grant monies that Village Officials were able to get an extension to implement, they hope to soon have some additional historic designs including old-fashioned gas lights along Main Street that will show off the classic village look that residents are so proud of.

A typical old-fashioned gas style streetlight

This will all add enticements to visitors they expect to come for the packed Calendar of Events they have already planned for the coming year.

Hurrah for a signature first step!

Photo by Patrick Maiorino of Guilty Pleasures

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