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Washingtonville's First Friday Fun Night Was Truly Funtastic

"Calling all Washingtonvillians" often results in a nice surprise. This past Friday was no exception, as the LOT and surrounding Village area was packed for their first of the season Drive-In Movie, "Grease". Who knew that Hula-Hooping is back as a "Thing", and is now not only popular in Las Vegas but made its debut in the Village of Washingtonville as part of their "Remember When" events. It fit in perfectly with DJ Blizzard's 's Trivia, blasts from the past before lighting up the place with music.

You can see by the cozy atmosphere while the movie was playing that they loved the show, some attendees being transported back to an earlier time. And the hua hoop winner, well maybe she should have some bags packed for a future trip to Las Vegas, she has the moves. Amada's and Martha Barrera's smiles were like lightning bugs, as usual cheering everyone on here and there and everywhere.

Patrick and Justine always look the part, a stunning couple, ad contributed purpose and focus both in planning and executing the first of what will be a long series of Events that clearly brought the villagers in to prove their mantra, that "We're Better Together."

(Photos by Martha Barrera)

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