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Washingtonville Review Boards Almost Full

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

William Jones takes the Oath of Office for Washingtonville's Planning Board

Village of Washingtonville, NY - Often a new town or village administration will have instantaneous vacancies on its volunteer review boards right after an election. This year has been no exception for the Village of Washingtonville. In fact, they rushed to do dozens of interviews to make sure that their Village work would stay on track.

Many of its missing positions have since been filled, including some at this month's first Board Meeting on June 6.

These positions are all volunteer and require a lot of work and rare thanks.

The members appreciate when their work is noticed, whether it is in person or on one of the village YouTube channel videos, so it is appreiated if residents play their part and become as knowledgeable as they can about ongoing and future projects.

From nearly empty to almost full from March to the firt week of June, it was quite an accomplishment!

Checking with Trustee Donna Jacaruso today, 6/15/23, she said that all board positions are filled with the exception of the ZBA (Zoning Board of Appeals), which still has 2 seats open. If interested in applying contact the Village Hall at 845-496-3221


ARB Members: (Architectural Review Board) Jeffrey LaDeau Ann Mammoliti Crystal Soto Steven Tolli Ted Ulloa

Ethics Board: Jacqui Budakowski Pat Mitchell Ken Schwartz Jamie White Joely Zarra

Planning Board Members: Eddie Cerezo Nancy Comerford Cherine Cuesta Jacqueline Davis-Norris William Jones

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