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Washingtonville - Food, Fire & Fun Festival Part 2

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

With this largest festival in Washingtonville's history going on for hours and hours, here are some more special moments, and some credit to spread among the many people who enabled it to happen. Just within a few months time the Village's new Event Committee formed and committed themselves to revitalize its Center and offer new things that encourage people to come and visit, enjoy its history and views, and shop while enjoying its historic charm.

The WASHINGTONVILLE EVENTS COMMITTEE consistst of Martha Barrera (Last Member from old committee), Patrick and Justine Maiorino of Guilty Pleasures, Valerie Leyden-Sloan, Andrew Leyden-Sloan, Tina Knuele and New Member Carlos Vega. Few realize the enormous amount of time, stress, and personal finances the Events Committee has put forth and this Festival is in large part due to their work. Continued participation and recognition of their ongoing work can ensure the Village Center of Washingtonville will be the thriving Community Center it was always meant to be. This, and other events they are already planning through Fall, is the result of 4 months of intensive planning that will continue bonding the community all year and into the future.

Mayor Tom DeVinko also put out a big thank you to the Washingtonville Police Department. Monell Engine, the Department of Public Works and BG Ambulance who ensured smooth functioning of the event, as well as Anytime Electric's help with traffic and vendor set up.

Hillbilly Parade.. Awesome Band kept everyone happy with music from 60's & 70's, and vocals that were stunning and engaging,

A highlight of the first half of the Festival - LINE DANCING, notice the group of beautiful mommys dancing with their infants!

Keith Leaf, Juggling with Fire

Guilty Pleasures, Candy & Toy Shoppe, Amazing Cheesecakes & Baked Goodies

Martha Barrera, Walden Savings Bank Mgr. Getting Some Fun FacePaint

50-50 Raffle

Fish & Chips

Treats for the Children who participated in the Hillbilly Parade Kids Events

Native Scents

Food Trucks and More Food Trucks Keeping the Crowds Happy

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