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Washingtonville Craft Shop, Mamba's Creations, Adds IHeart Hudson Valley Market at Fulton Square

Since 2014 Alma Gonzales and her Mamba's creations shop at Fulton Square has not only been a top "GO To" for gifts, flowers, knitting and crocheting supplies and lessons, she has been an integral part of community activities, especially with the Village's Chamber of Commerce. Now, Robbie O'Quinn of IHeart Hudson Valley is partnering with Mamba's and bringing in a small but growing fleet of craft market vendors to share the space. Their products each have a small designed space within the larger store, so that they are both clearly separate, and yet part of the Mamba's Creations concept.

Saturday was pretty purple RIbbon-Cutting Event as a kickoff for the new venture, so if you are coming through the Village of Washingtonville just pull into Depot Street and there is plenty of parking at Fulton Square, along with plenty of interesting, collectable and giftable goodies.


Edie Johnson - Executive Editor, Advertising Contact

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