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Village of South Blooming Grove Offers Proposed Mitigation to Traffic Snarl

Construction Eastward at the end of Mangin Road

A problem intersection only got worse last week when a temporary DOT approval allowed a new stoplight to be hung at the intersection of Route 208 and Seven Springs Road, about 2 1/2 miles from the Quickway exit in Monroe. The week that the new traffic light was turned on there were 2 accidents in 4 days, and one day traffic was backed up for miles, to Merriwold Road.

School Bus Making A Right Turn on Red Onto Route 208

fortunately at a low traffic time

Route 208 is the primary route from and to the Quickway (Rt. 17/6) that takes commuters to the North and West (Village of South Blooming Grove, Town of Blooming Grove, Village of Washingtonville, Cornwall, New Windsor and Newburgh), in the afternoon and evening, and to and from Kiryas Joel, Monroe, the Quickway and New York. The only alternative for many is Route 94, whih is the next significant Quickway Exit in the Town of Chester. It has been a growing traffic nightmare for years, and there are few alternative solutions to offer in the dense housing and business area nearest the Quickway.

The problem with the new light, commuters have said, is that there is no "Left turn only signal", and there is no space for those travelling East to pass to the outside of those waiting for a chance to turn left when the light turns green. Meanwhile, drivers are trying to make a right turn against a red light and into oftentimes fast moving traffic going West.

Residents at the Village of South Blooming Grove's Board Meeting last week said that a resolution was proposed and unanimously passed to extend Mangin Road (a road that goes into a subdivision about 4 miles farther along Route 208), and have it extended East where it would link to Seven Springs at some distance from the problemmatic intersection.

The Courier Journal has reached out twice to the Village's Mayor, George Kalaj, with a request for a map showing the exact proposed route and has as yet not received a response, possibly because of Hannukah activity.

What could be wrong with the idea? It could provide some mitigation, but only if the existing 2 issues at the light are corrected (turn signals and passing lane).

Another significant concern is whether that link coould be constructed without going through or impacting the views of Gozaga Park, a State Parkland. In addition to a map, we have asked whether the significant construction/road work currently under way at the end of Mangin Road is part of the proposed link, and if so, do they already have DOT permits, or is this roadway already approved for a different project?

Officials in the Village have sent letters to Orange County requesting assistance in moving this project forward.

Stay tuned for updates.

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