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Venning Gets Renewed City Manager Contract in City of Newburgh

Newburgh City Manager, Todd Venning

The Newburgh City Council Monday night granted City Manager Todd Venning a new two-year contract at the

conclusion of his current one on May 23.

His salary will remain the same as this year’s – $206,045 with a 1.5 percent increase effective at the completion of each year of service.

His total benefits package in 2023 is $44,006.01. The resolution adopted Monday night does not list the value of his 2024 benefits

In 2022, Venning earned $203,000 with benefits worth $35,361.03.

Mayor Torrance Harvey noted Venning has a juris doctorate degree and a masters in business administration in finance and commented, “you pay for what you get.”

Source: Mid-Hudson News

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