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Sunstone Sanctuary Brings Peace, Kindness, & Self-Healing to Blooming Grove's Historic Red Barn

On Saturday, 9/9 - “The Red Barn” as it has been known throughout the Blooming Grove area for many years, welcomed a new business, Jenni DeLillo and her wellnewss team to a space they are calling " Sunstone Sanctuary". It's a very beautiful and spacious area at the North corner of the historic barn’s massive structure..

..Representaties of the Town's Chamber of Commerce with Alma Gonzalez who organized the Ribbon-Cutting attended with Washingtonville's Mayor Tom Devinko, Village Trutees Steve Presser and Susan Cohen-Walski, and Carolina Mano representing Assemblyman Brian Maher's Office. Jenni is bringing a new menu of mind and body health to town and she expressed great appreciation to those present and her husband and family for all their help in her dream come true. From self-awarenesst techniques, to India's concepts of Chakras, to tinctures, precious stones, massage, Reiki,. sauna and other forms of natural healing, .Jenni and her assistants are there to facilitate you being your most peaceful and healthy self.

The atmosphere they have created, with natural light, rustic wood beams, natural barn siding with a light red wash, contrasted with bright chandeliers and a spiral staircase to the loft and sanctuary, setting an immediate mood of contentment. . All is punctaed with a variety of healing pieces of art. A wide variety of cultural healing techniques include meditative modes of body and mind work that remind one of California’s unique Esalen Institute, or Chicago’s Center for Human Potential which in the 60's and 70's brought thousands of clients and teachers who specialized in Bioenergetics, Sensitivity Training, Encounter Techniques, and a plethora of other self-learning skills. from deep breathing to neuroplasticity and healing trauma by "Staying in the Present".

A sense of peace in the space's atmosphere is central, and adds to the many techniques toward the health of body and mind. All perspetives are welcome, "As long as the fellowship is based in kindness, it’s all good."

Attndees weere offered a long table filled with healthful snacks and freshly made "mocktails" from "At Your Service by Christine".

The history of this place could not be much more aligned with these businesses centering on health. The original Spears-Howell Farm was known worldwide for their prize Aydhire cattle, and they were the first to produce a regular supply of bottled milk for New York City in the 1830’s.

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