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Snowstorm Falls Just Short of An Emergency, Thanks to Highway Workers

Blooming Grove's plow truck on one of its numerous

trips to fill up at the town's Highway Garage

Blooming Grove - In the area of Lower Eastern Hudson Valley, last night's snow measured in at about 5 to 9 inches varying from town to town and hill and dale. It began light and fluffy, and ended up mid-Monday morning a little bit sleety. But Highway Superintendent Wayne Kirkpatrick and his team were not taking any chances. We heard the trucks throughout the night, from time to time , and when asked if he had any pictures he said, "Sorry, no pictures this time, I drove straight through the night". When all was said and done, the roads were safe in the morning, though when it came to driveways it was a toss-up for those with a good truck and 4-wheel drive whether to plow, shovel where it was a little deeper, or take a chance on driving through it.

This scene taken later in the day shows how varied the terrain is in the area, and it is only about one-fifth of the area that needs to be plowed.

All in all, most people were glad to have a real winter snowfall before the season ends, as long as everyone was able to get around safely.

Sunday night's snowstorm left steam clouds over the Schunnemunk Ridge when the sun came out. The area is full of hills and valleys and resulting different snowfall amounts.

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