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Senator Skoufis Sends Letter to State Comptroller re. VSBG Procurements

Please see the attached letter to the State Comptroller requesting immediate intervention into the Village of South Blooming Grove’s recent procurement practices. These allegations are only the latest in a string of dubious if not unlawful activities.

February 14, 2023

Hon. Thomas DiNapoli

New York State Comptroller

110 State Street

Albany, NY 12236

Dear Comptroller DiNapoli:

I am reaching out to request your office’s intervention into a recent development in the Village of South Blooming Grove.

After receiving complaints from constituents as well as communications from town officials, it is apparent that the village is likely in violation of New York State General Municipal Law pertaining to the procurement process.

The Village of South Blooming Grove’s garbage operations are administered by the Town of Blooming Grove via Garbage District #2, covering the Village of Washingtonville, Village of South Blooming Grove and the unincorporated

sections of the Town. In July of 2022 the town board began preparations for the garbage procurement process, extending outreach to village officials to inquire on any unmet refuse needs. The Village of South Blooming Grove expressed a need for a second weekly garbage, recycling, and spring bulk pick up for their residents. After the town completed the necessary procurement and bidding process, the village was ultimately unsatisfied with the cost estimate proposed for the additional pickup and informed the town that they would not proceed.

On November 15, 2022, as required, the Town of Blooming Grove Board adopted their 2023 fiscal budget including funding for one weekly pick up of garbage, recycling and bulk items. No other funds were included in the 2023 budget for refuse services.

Shortly after, my office began receiving complaints from residents of South Blooming Grove pertaining to a mandated second garbage pickup as well as unexplainable charges included on municipal water bills.

The town subsequently informed my office that they, too, had received complaints and, in seeking clarity from village officials, were informed via

email on January 2, 2023, of an independent negotiation that had taken place between the contracted garbage provider, Marangi Disposal, and village officials, in which an expanded garbage service was approved by the village. The estimated annual cost of the expanded garbage service negotiated by the village is in excess of $220,000 per year for five years, which is a total cost in excess of $1,115,100 for the life of the agreement. No bids were sought or received.

The agreement between Village of South Blooming Grove officials and Marangi Disposal was not established in accordance with procurement statute set forth under State General Municipal Law. In order to protect the taxpayers of

South Blooming Grove, I respectfully request your office’s immediate intervention.

Thank you for your consideration of this matter as well as your service to our state. Please do not hesitate to reach out to

my office if I can be of any assistance.


James Skoufis

Senator, 42nd District

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