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Senator Skoufis Gives Announcement at Moffat Library of $140,000 for RCLS Orange County Libraries

Senator Skoufis presents a $140,000 check to Orange County RCLS Members

Moffat Library was built in the late 1880's, and was restored and reopened in 2017 after Washingtonville sustained major flood damage.

VILLAGE OF WASHINGTONVILLE - After a tremendously successful Summer "RCLS Road Trip" funded last Fall, Senator James Skoufis received State funding of another $140,000 for an additional round to be divided among all of the Orange County RCLS members.

Officials representing the members of the Ramapo Catskill Library System attended along with local officials at Washingtonville’s Moffat Library, including Mayor Tom Devinko and Orange County Legislator Kathy Stegenga. Senator Skoufis emphasized the need of the funding to encourage youth literacy and digital connectivity. As he usually does with grant announcements, Skoufis told the filled Moffat Conference Room that this was not from him, or the Legislature. "It's your tax money that I'm bringing back to you"

Senator Skoufis with RCLS Executive Director Grace Rosario

Village of Washingtonville Officials, Mayor Tom Devinko (left) and Orange County Legislator Kathy Stegenga (right rear)

Students who participated were encouraged to visit as many of the 47 libraries as they could, with encouragement from volunteers of "Inspire" who drove them daily, and as a bonus the students received little prizes along the way. The program enabled them to experience the diverse resources and services available; (Orange County Cerebral Palsy Association) who completed the Road Trip this summer also joined for the announcement.

Just shy of 3,500 individuals participated in the RCLS Summer Road Trip this year, resulting in over 12,000 total library visits. An impressive 114 readers achieved the remarkable feat of visiting all 47 RCLS libraries, gathering every single milestone prize during their journey.

Each of the 14 RCLS member libraries within the Senator’s district, including Moffat, will receive $7,500 to enable the expansion of their youth programming, and RCLS itself will receive $35,000 to fund its Digital Navigators program. Navigators are trained, trusted guides who help deal with a variety of technology needs, assisting library visitors as they use digital devices and the internet.

Library Director, Carol McCrossen describes Moffat's spectacular renovation.

"Our family has had so much fun participating in the RCLS Road Trip and exploring all of the towns along the way,” noted Matt S., a Road Trip participant from Warwick. “Each library has something special to offer – from artwork to new books to local history to state-of-the-art facilities. We’ve been greeted by staff who were friendly, welcoming, and excited to share their knowledge of both local lore and library services at every location. I’d highly recommend getting out and exploring public libraries. The experiences you’ll have are a prize unto themselves!"

"I'm thrilled to witness the influx of visitors at 47 libraries spanning four counties,” said RCLS Executive Director Grace Riario. “It's truly an incredible experience to see the expression on a child's face as they receive their t-shirt upon completing the road trip. The essence of the Road Trip lies in discovering the offerings of each library, and RCLS is grateful to Senator Skoufis for his unwavering support."

Stay Tuned! Part 2 loading - several more photos and an interesting video about the legacy of women in library development..

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