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NY 18th Congressional Candidate Schmitt Slams Biden During His Trip to the District in Poughkeepsie

Press Release

MONTGOMERY, NY — New York State Assemblyman and candidate for New York’s 18th Congressional District Colin Schmitt (R-New Windsor), today, held a press conference (click to watch the speech) surrounded by supporters and Hudson Valley residents, to highlight what he calls "the failures of Joe Biden’s presidency" amid Biden's visit to Poughkeepsie.

Assemblyman Colin J. Schmitt stated, “My constituents are very disappointed with the job Joe Biden has done as president. Biden’s economic policies have hit us hard, inflation is making it extremely difficult for middle-class families and seniors to make ends meet. Biden has increased spending by almost $10 trillion—pushing inflation to a 40-year high. Now, the higher interest rates that were supposed to solve Biden’s inflation crisis are making it more expensive to borrow money for a mortgage, car loan, and just about everything else. This combination of high inflation and high-interest rates has pushed our economy into recession, which is a real one-two punch for the middle class.”

Schmitt continued, “In the Hudson Valley, we’ve been particularly affected by the crisis at our southern border. This year, we will surpass all previous records in terms of the number of people illegally entering our country. And the Biden Administration has been exporting that crisis to the Hudson Valley by secretly flying planeloads of migrants into Westchester and now Orange County. The federal government has done this without notifying state or local officials or providing any information about the migrants being transported into our region, including basic identification and health information. They have created a public safety and public health calamity.”

Schmitt concluded, “Biden has destroyed our economy, increased prices on everyday items, and has unleashed crime into our communities, it is time for new, common sense leadership, and that is why I am running for NY-18 to restore checks and balances to a government that has lost sight of what is important and needed for our local Hudson Valley communities.”

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