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Report Your Storm Damage Message From Senator Skoufis

I received this promptly after the storm hit on Sunday morning ...could not share since the lightning blew out my laptop and cable. So if you are one of the thousands of people with significant storm damage costing money, please respond as Senator Skoufis recommends so that Orange County can get its fair share of storm recovery financing. Edie Johnson

"Hi this is Senator James Skoufis reaching out to share some information in the wake of recent storms to qualify for a major disaster declaration by FEMA...the county needs to prove what property damage their community sustained. Damage submission forms are available at

I thank our first responders from across the county for responding quickly deploying their resources. We will get through this recovery liuke we always do as neighbors. Take care and be safe. THis message was delivered by For additional information call 1-877-333-9336. Goodbye.

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