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Rain Dancing Needed - Chester Already On Outside Water Restrictions

Despite forecasts of rain 3 days this past week, most of Orange County got very little. Spring/Summer crops on land that is not irrigated will suffer unless the rain prediction for tonight and Friday brings more than a sprinkle here and there.

Orange County's Soil an Water Conservation District says, "Drought relief? We're not singing in the rain just yet. Here is the field report on last night's rain from select locations: Howells/New Vernon - 0.5; Westown - 0.5; Stony Ford (east of Middletown) - a sneeze over 0.2; Montgomery (Albany Post Road - 0.25, Millsburg - 0.65. This field on Ridgebury Road seemed to have appreciated the drink."

Whether tonight and Friday's rain forecast actually bring any downpour could make the difference in many residents' gardens, lawns, and area vegetable farms. The Town of Chester already has put up signs that there is "No Outside Watering".

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