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Orange County Offering Tourism Grants to Area's Municipalities

Annual Applefest in Warwick is one of the County's big attractions

Orange County Executive Steven Neuhaus and the county’s Tourism and Film Office have launched a Municipal Tourism Grant program, which will provide municipalities funding as they plan and execute tourism initiatives.

“These grants will provide a welcomed assistance to our towns, villages and cities, enabling them to promote and highlight some of the great events that they offer throughout the year,” Neuhaus said. “Orange County has many popular events that generate interest and revenue, and this Grant Program allows us to show our support and invest in our communities. We look forward to receiving many applications from our municipalities and will continue to promote our beautiful county.”

Grants of up to $4,999 will be awarded based on need and application approval. Applications have already been sent out to Orange County’s municipal leaders and will be accepted until October 30, 2023. Grants will be awarded to municipalities that will use the funds provided for promotion or execution of a tourism event and/or activity that will result in the attraction of visitors to Orange County. Only municipalities may apply. Examples of how funding can be used include advertising and promotion expenses associated with an event, enhancement of signage and marketing for an event or activity, or website upgrades to make it more user-friendly. Applications will be reviewed by a committee consisting of economic development and tourism professionals from Orange County. Amanda Dana, director of the county’s Tourism and Film office, said, “These events attract visitors to every corner of our beautiful county and stimulate our economies.”

For more information about the grants, contact Lisa Santiago in the Orange County Tourism and Film Office at or 845-615-3862.

Source: Mid-Hudson News

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