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NY Air National Guard 105th Wing Receives Meritorious Unit Award

Stewart AFB - New York Air National Guard 105 Airlift Wing

STEWART AIR NATIONAL GUARD BASE, NEWBURGH, NEW YORK (01/26/2023) For the second year in a row, the New York Air National Guard's 105th Airlift Wing has been awarded the U.S. Air Force's Meritorious Unit Award for its accomplishments in combat support throughout 2021.

The Meritorious Unit Award recognizes Air and Space Force units for their exceptional conduct in the execution of combat support operations for 90 consecutive days or more.

The 105th Airlift Wing was recognized for its outstanding operation of the C-17 Globemaster III strategic airlifter and performance of transportation missions around the world in support of the United States military.

During 2021, the wing executed over 1,000 sortie missions, amassing 830 combat support hours and completing 336 Air Mobility Command missions.

Members of the 105th played an integral part in Operation Allies Refuge, the effort to rescue Afghans who worked for the United States prior to the fall of Kabul to the Taliban, during August 2021.

The wing deployed three planes and crews withing 36 hours to assist in the mission.

The crew of aircraft Reach 824 received awards-including one Distinguished Flying Cross-for bracing hazards and enemy fire to ensure that an MH-47 Chinook special operations helicopter and 22 Army personnel were delivered to the airport in Kabul.

This aircraft was critical to evacuating U.S, and other friendly personnel.

While evading hostile enemy fire, the 105th evacuated 2,524 men, women and children, including over 800 Afghan nationals.

Before completing the mission, air crew members of the 105th also airlifted the remains of 13 American servicemembers who were killed during the evacuation.

In 2021, the wing's nine C-17's airlifted a total of 12.5 million pounds of cargo and over 7,000 passengers in support of the Department of Defense around the world.

The 105th also responded to civil unrest in Washington D.C. airlifting over 200,000 pounds of cargo and 207 service members as part of National Guard efforts to secure the Capitol following the events of January 6, 2021.

Ninety-six Airmen from the 105th Base Defense Squadron also provided security on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C.

While conducting these missions and many more, the wing's maintenance teams worked vigorously to maintain a 92.8 percent readiness rate, outperforming the 85 percent goal set by the Air National Guard.

The 105th Communications Flight cybersecurity team also mitigated over 19,000 vulnerabilities with an innovative patch management process, giving the wing one of the top three most secure networks in the Air Guard.

The wing's medical personnel launched a computer training site -- the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians/Tactical Combat Casualty Care training site-- where 105th Airlift Wing medics were able to hone their skills in a realistic training environment

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