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Orange County Issues Fire Warning & Burn Ban

If you live in the Blooming Grove/Washingtonville Area you have already heard quite a few fire trucks today. Note we haven't had significant rain in's DRY! Multiple fire departments already fought a 10-acre fire in Deerpark earlier today. Pay attention Beautiful weather...Play, but Play Safely!


April 12, 2023

As we progress through the peak brush fire season in Orange County, the Division of Fire Services wish to remind residents of tips that can prevent large, dangerous brush fires from occurring. The peak season for brush fires typically runs from mid-March through May, which also coincides with the state-wide burn ban (March 16th through May 14th). Quickly spreading brush fires typically occur during this time of the year due to the abundance of dry and dead vegetation. Due to the mild winter experienced in the Northeast, with very little snow fall, conditions are particularly dry this year. Specifically, during warm days with heavier winds and low humidity, small fires can grow to large out of control fires very quickly. “The combination of dry weather and wind has resulted in conditions that could result in brush fires. The danger is significant, and it is very important for all residents to avoid all outdoor burning to prevent serious fire situations.” said Orange County Executive Steven M. Neuhaus. The cause of brush fires is overwhelmingly human, as shown in the 2022 national fire statistics where 87% of wildfires were caused by humans. Orange County Fire Coordinator Vini Tankasali states “many of these fires can be prevented by following outdoor fire safety tips and by keeping vigilant when using flames or conducting allowed fires outdoors”. Other causes include natural causes, such as lightning, or downed power lines. If coming across a downed power lines, report the incident immediately but remain a safe distance away. Orange County Department of Emergency Services Commissioner Brendan Casey states “brush fires can be time and resource intensive incidents which stress our emergency services agencies throughout the County. Prevention is the key.”

Tips for preventing brush fires:

  • Adhere to the New York State Burn Ban restrictions

  • Discard cigarettes, matches, or smoking materials in proper containers.

  • Do not leave fires unattended. Douse them completely when completed.

  • When cooking outside, keep away from dry vegetation or flammable items

  • Use caution when operating machinery, or off-road vehicles (ATV’s, motorcycles, etc.), which may emit sparks

  • Remove leaves and other dead vegetation from around homes or other structures

  • Keep fire extinguishers in close proximity when cooking, using any flame products, or conducting permitted outdoor fires.

For additional information and tips, visit,, or the New York State DEC at

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