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Orange County IDA Offers Incentives To Goshen Food Manufacturer

GOSHEN – Milmar Foods in the Town of Goshen will be expanding its 60,000 square foot building by 40,000-SF while demolishing about 5,000-SF of the existing facility.

The $18 million expansion is made possible by financial incentives provided by the Orange County Industrial Development Agency, including exemptions on sales tax and mortgage recording tax, and a 15-year abatement or phase-in of the new property taxes resulting from the expansion.

“One of the many myths about IDAs is that we only incentivize new companies we’re attracting to our area,” said IDA CEO Bill Fioravanti. “This is a perfect example of the Orange County IDA supporting a 30-year local employer in their efforts to create 50 new employment opportunities right here in Goshen.”

The company presently employs more than 300 workers and is expected to create more than 100 direct and indirect construction jobs, 85 percent of which must be filled by local residents because of the IDA’s local labor policy.

Source: Mid-Hudson News

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