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Newburgh Officials Say 2023 Budget Enables Better Enforcement of Housing Code

Rat running across the floor of an apartment in the City of Newburgh

NEWBURGH – The 2023 Newburgh city budget adopted by the city council will add seven code enforcement officers to the very small staff in place now. The $63.78 million spending plan will beef up the department that has been understaffed and unable to adequately deal with the deplorable housing conditions in which many residents have to live.

Councilwoman Giselle Martinez said the additional staff should be a significant step forward to clean up housing conditions for renters.

“I really want to move forward in terms of holding landlords accountable, which codes will be a game changer this coming year,” she said.

The budget also provides funds for a part-time deputy police chief in addition to the full-time chief and commissioner in place now, as well as more police officers contingent upon the outcome of union negotiations.

Mayor Torrance Harvey said there is also money available for a fire commissioner in addition to the existing fire chief.

Source: Mid-Hudson News

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