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Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Washingtonville, NY -- The Office of Assemblyman Colin J. Schmitt (R,C New Windsor) sent a letter to the New Windsor Town Board opposing plans to open a federal migrant camp at St. Christopher’s New Windsor Campus.

Assemblyman Schmitt’s office has been made aware of and confirmed that St. Christopher’s New Windsor has been designated by the U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) as a care provider of services and shelter, setting up the first known federal migrant camp in Orange County following this fall's secret migrant flights into Orange County Airport.

Taylor Weyeneth, spokesman for Assemblyman Colin Schmitt stated, “With the growing and remaining concerns in the community regarding secret migrant flights flown into Orange County Airport, Hudson Valley residents deserve transparency from all levels of government. While The Town of New Windsor has been allegedly notified that St. Christopher’s New Windsor will become the holding location for up to 36 migrants from the Southern Border at one time, the public has received no such notification. The Town has an obligation to residents to ensure their safety and security and shut this plan down at once.”

Weyeneth continued, “Assemblyman Colin Schmitt has sent a formal letter to the town to use its home rule authority and immediately end this plan to set up a federal migrant camp at St. Christopher’s in New Windsor.”

See the full text of the letter below and attached:

Dear Members of the New Windsor Town Board:

Several of our shared constituents in the Town of New Windsor have contacted my office with concerns regarding St. Christopher’s New Windsor Campus. In particular, these concerns come from the significant renovations occurring at the property.

My office has done outreach and confirmed from St. Christopher’s officials that “St. Christopher’s has been designated by the U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) as a care provider of services and shelter,” and that “Town of New Windsor officials are aware.” It is expected that upwards of 36 migrants who have entered the country illegally, classified as unaccompanied minors, will be housed at the New Windsor campus at any given time.

Our communities have had significant concern over the secret migrant flights flown into Orange County Airport this fall. Now, a migrant camp is being set up in New Windsor with town officials allegedly being notified and no public notification or opposition put forward. These flights will now be able to resume with the goal of maximizing counts at the St. Christopher’s campus.

I write on behalf of our shared New Windsor constituents and my entire Assembly District to strongly object to the housing of migrants flown in from the Southern Border in New Windsor, particularly this plan to house up to 36 at a time at St. Christopher’s New Windsor.

I urge the Town Board to exercise its home rule authority to prevent the housing of migrants within town borders and, specifically, at this location.

This plan is unacceptable and must be stopped. St. Christopher’s in written communication states they “will keep in close contact with Town of New Windsor officials regarding timing” of this migrant relocation occurring. Given the purported level of communication between the town and St. Christopher’s, efforts should be made to immediately end this plan.


Colin J. Schmitt

Member of Assembly, 99th Distric

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