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Newburgh's Mayor Harvey Will Seek Reelection

City of Newburgh – Mayor Torrance Harvey plans to seek reelection to his second full four-year term as Newburgh’s top elected official in November.

He was a city councilman initially and took over the mayor’s role when then-Mayor Judy Kennedy died.

Harvey, a Democrat, served one year before running for the remaining year of her term followed by a full four-year stint.

The mayor, who is a high school history teacher by profession, acknowledges Newburgh continues to have its ups and downs, but believes the city is on the rebound with new businesses and residents calling the city home.

But, he does say violent crime is a major problem, one though that he believes the city is starting to control with the police department and a number of community programs.

The most recent one is a mayor’s violent crime task force he created that includes members of the faith-based community.

Source: Mid-Hudson News

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