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Newburgh Illuminated On Again, Off Again, On Again, Now Off Again

City of Newburgh– The annual Newburgh Illuminated Festival, which is aimed at shedding a positive light on the city to the tens of thousands of people it draws, was off this summer, then on again, and now off again.

It was suspended weeks ago when the city administration and event organizers could not come to terms.

Then, following a city hall meeting between both sides, a straw vote by the city council agreed to bring it back.

Plans broke down again when Richard Fracasse, one of the organizers, said they were told the permit was approved, but they never received it. There were also other issues.

“One of the conditions was we couldn’t use golf carts and I said how are we supposed to manage a 100,000-person festival that covers miles without any golf carts? As 62 years old, am I supposed to run?”

Whether the event returns next summer remains to be seen.

Source: Mid Hudson News

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