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Newburgh Fire Chief Plans Expansion of 800-Acre Tree Farm @ Old Airfield

FJ Spinelli Stands In His 800-acre Tree Farm

TOWN OF NEWBURGH – FJ Spinelli is a career firefighter, currently chief of the Newburgh City Fire Department. His second love is the Christmas tree farm called "Old Airfields Farm", that he started in 2018 at an old airfield in the Town of Newburgh. Home (

Five years ago, he placed 800 trees; some mature in three years, others in 10, depending on the type of evergreen. “As a tree gets cut, we’ll pull a stump and we will plant new trees, and then we start the cycle again,” he told Mid-Hudson News. “Right now, we have about six acres of land we want to clear completely and plant probably another 4,000 trees so that we can keep up. I want something here for my grandkids to be able to farm.”

The farm also sells flowers in the Spring and Pumpkins in the Fall.

Source: Mid-Hudson News

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