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$10,000 Grant for “Below the Line Bootcamp” Workforce Training Program Covers Stipends, Transportation, and Childcare Costs for City Residents

CITY OF NEWBURGH (NY) – The Newburgh City Council has renewed its support of “Below the Line Bootcamp,” an innovative film and television workforce development training program available to City residents at no cost through Choice Films, Inc., an award-winning production company

headquartered in the City of Newburgh at Umbra Stages. The City Council’s $10,000 workforce training grant will cover transportation and childcare costs for City residents, and provides a trainee stipend. Funding is provided through the City of Newburgh Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)


City Manager Todd Venning: “The City Council is pleased to continue connecting City residents to meaningful employment opportunities in leading local industries, and we are grateful to have community partners like Choice Films, Inc and Umbra Stages that actively invest in the success of our City. We arealso grateful for Governor Kathy Hochul’s continued investment in the Hudson Valley’s film industry, and her commitment to strengthening Orange County’s economy.”

Below the Line Bootcamp offers immediate, paid on the job training for technical roles in film and television production including grip and electric; camera; wardrobe, hair and makeup; props and sets; and

production assistants. No prior film/television experience or college degree is required, and the program is available to all ages 18 and up.

Below the Line Bootcamp Co-Managers Summer Crocket Moore and Tony Glazer: “We are grateful for the Newburgh City Council’s continued support for Choice Film’s Below the Line Bootcamp. Our program has helped more than a dozen City residents find paying jobs in the growing film and television

industry, and we’re excited to welcome a new class of City residents for our Spring 2023 program.”

For information on Choice Films’ Below the Line Bootcamp:

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