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Newburgh Board Files Papers In Effort to Remove Stridiron as President

Newburgh – The Newburgh School Board has filed formal papers with the State Education Department calling on the commissioner to remove Darren Stridiron as board president.

In a 200-page document obtained by Mid-Hudson News, the board majority accuses Stridiron of four acts of impropriety including moving the superintendent’s seat over by one at meetings. He claims all of the charges are bogus.

“The vote (Saturday) and the filing that was put out violates the confidentiality clause; it has confidential material in it. The five board members that voted for that approved the release of confidential information for the board and an employee that was recently suspended,” he said. “I am going to fight this with everything that I have.”

The charges against Stridiron include that he had Dr. Jackielyn Manning-Campbell change her seat at board meetings “diminishing her professional status as superintendent,” that he called suspended teacher Richard Desiderio “a whistleblower,” which was initially discussed in executive session, and that he allegedly defamed two board members.

Stridiron said he has done nothing wrong and in fact, it was the school board majority that broke executive session confidentiality by way of the language in the filing to the state.

The board filing also seeks to have Stridiron temporarily removed from the school board pending final adjudication of the case.

(Source: Mid Hudson News

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