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New Washingtonville Holiday Weekend Market Brings Shoppers to Fulton Square

Village of Washingtonville - Stop by and see for yourself. Tomorrow, December 10, will be the 3rd week of a sale blitz that welcomed holiday shoppers to meander through canopy tents as well as one of the Fulton Square store spaces that happens to currently be vacant. While the Blooming Grove Chamber of Commerce would love for the interior space to continue to be available to craft and other small business merchants in the future as well that is currently a dream. Meanwhile,, they are enjoying the time that the complex owner is allowing its use for the shenanigans of the Grinch plus about 40 sales teams who are there every weekend until Christmas.

Check out the fun video below of two ladies networking their crafts under one of the canopies . (Over a dozen other merchants are shown as well).

And check out activities also being held every weekend at Guilty Pleasures, across from the Village's McLoughlin Square.

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